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Re: Configuring storage in FreeNAS

Posted by: capitalistpiglet on October 26, 2008 01:02 AM
I agree software raid is risky, but having the ability to software raid does not stop somebody using hardware raid, its just a feature. Also briefly looking at naslite I see several features in freenas that naslite doesn't have such as being able to attach to a domain, iscsi, bonding several network cards together which is pretty useful when your talking about a nas device and the biggest feature of all which is that its free. This article was pretty good although I think it could have gone into more depth about the features of freenas and compared it to some other nas/san solutions. I use freenas at work. Actually it was the author of this article earlier article about openfiler that got me to look at freenas after I couldn't get openfiler to attach to my 2k3 domain.


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