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Well, some opinions of mine...

Posted by: Anonymous [ip: unknown] on October 24, 2008 03:22 PM
Which might be useful -- or not...

First, thank you very much to all the XFCE crew -- because you rock, at least regarding the "small/simple is beautiful" philosophy. My very special big thanks go to Msr. Olivier Fourdan, because in the beginning he was dreaming alone and he did all by himself. And I was poor and could not afford new powerful PCs, so I and my wife back then used his work and it allowed us to use our cranky old PC.

Then, after some years using KDE, I am now experimenting again with XFCE. I still have to understand better this version 4 (I used version 3 back then), but some thoughts:

1. Screen realstate: Please, don't waste it. Not everybody works at 1900x1200. I now have a server running Xubuntu with an old 15" CRT monitor. 1024x768 is too much for it. Instead of two panels, why not leaving the desktop empty and have one or two special keys -- say, the two nuisances between [Alt Gr] and [Ctrl] -- and make them display two panels, one with "running programs" and the other "applications"?

2. Make integration better with the user preferred libs: if I choose KDE as a base, and somehow would see using XFCE as memory saving, it's a problem (for me) having to use Gnome libs. It all gets slower... I guess this is too much to ask, though (for all the work that would be involved). Years ago, I heard about an api compatibility layer (which was used years ago to make khtml compatible with fltk)...

3. Having been a developer myself (in another life), I understand perfectly that Linus is right in using C for the kernel; for all other uses, object-orientation beats procedural (this is so old!). Isn't gtk still procedural? Suggestion: Qt or Fltk. (though, agreed, this is too much hassle)

4. The configuration dialog in "Applications" is wider than 1024. This is not funny. :-( _______ I can afford a new monitor right now, once I hit the street. But my monitor will be probably donated to some poor school and this problem will remain...

5. Have I mentioned Fltk? :-)

Well, more rants to follow later... I just installed xfce over kubuntu (because the PC is somewhat old, too), maybe there are tweaks I still don't know to get things the way I want. Sorry if something was wrong and please correct me.


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