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Re(1): Three to-do list managers for GNU/Linux

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 24, 2008 09:32 AM
Of course I agree with your request to to refrain from such crude insults to Icaza.

But I can't agree with your comment that "Mono or C# ... they are significant advancements in the FOSS. They show that FOSSware can effectively compete with and support closed proprietary code on an equal level." The FOSS implementations of Mono/C# will always be crippled compared with the Microsoft implementations because they will always be playing catch-up. Microsoft can extend the .net framework anytime it likes, that's why it developed it.

Telling the world - wrongly - that .net/C# are supported on Linux just gives an argument to the Microsoft fanboys, in organizations that try to avoid lock-in, to use them. Then when somebody tries to actually port the .net/C# to Linux, surprise! it won't work because it's coded to version N+2 of .net whereas Linux only supports version N, and even that with some limitations.

And we have another big company locked in to Microsoft.


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