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Vinyl + Audacity = MP3

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 23, 2008 04:38 PM
I have a question about Audacity. I run SUSE, UBUNTU and Windows XP. When I use the Linux side of my computer I would like to know how to remove turntable hum. I use the lowpass filter and it seems to work all right but is there a better way? I found that "Spin It Again" will work on Linux running under WINE. I use it to sort out the tracks. It will also record records without any problems. This makes it a lot easier as "Spin It Again" will also label each track for you by typing it in. I also use Classic Equalizer, which is a free VST program, to bring out some highs and lows depending on the recorded album. "Spin It Again" also has a noise and pop&click remover with it.

If anyone can help me with the hum problem I would appreciate an answer as I would like to Audacity to clean up the old record before using "Spin It Again" to encode and break up the tracks.

Thanks for any help.

Also you might give "Spin It Again" a try. It works well under WINE.


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