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First look: Mozilla's mobile Fennec browser

Posted by: Benjamin Huot on October 23, 2008 04:28 PM
I tried to post this as a reply to your comments, but my comments never appeared on the site until I posted it below. I hope this post doesn't appear more than once, because I had to submit it several times to et it to go through. Thanks for the links. I haven't been following until recently. I guess I felt it unfair that Mozilla was ported to Windows Mobile and not to the iPhone. As far as Apple controlling the iPhone, I *don't* think Apple means to make it hard to impossible to run open source software on the iPhone, but rather want to avoid the malware problem Windows has. They have also recently changed their NDA so developers can now talk about completed features. I feel many open source projects have a double standard in that they use Microsoft technologies and software and yet are very negative about Apple. I know that Apple has more visible barriers, but Apple doesn't try to deceive others about its licenses or sabotage their ability to work well with their software.
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