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Vinyl + Audacity = MP3

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 21, 2008 01:06 PM
To remove the snap, crackles and pops that come with damaged vinyl's, I do two things.
First I wash, yes, wash my records with a very gentle soap, like Downy or similar product. I then generously rinse with demineralized or distilled water, lots of it to ensure proper removal of any soap, dirt and dust. I use a lint free cloth for each process of washing, rinsing and drying, never the same for each process. Finally, once dry, I have a professional turn table that I got in the early 70's but I'm sure a Radio-Shack will do fine with a fresh needle for every 10 records I re-record.

Finally to remove those snap, crackles and pops with GWC or Gnome Wave Cleaner software. Caviat, it only works with wav files, not MP3 or OGG or otherwise.

Results, I took an old 60's record from the group "IronButterfly", did the above and voila, almost brand new and now in OGG format to play on my OGG (Samsung) device.



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