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Sidux grows on you

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 12, 2008 12:59 PM
> "2. sidux is sensitive about package managers because of the volatile nature of the project. Several of the founders strongly discourage the use of kpackage, aptitude, synaptic, or any package manager other than dpkg or apt-get."

Yes sidux is quite a good KDE distro, but for me it does not use the proper branch of Debian, it would be Testing!

To give just one reason, the above quotation of the previous post is sufficient to show it. They "strongly discourage the use of" a Package Manager!
Uthe updates/upgrades are very sensitive and you need before you do them, to check the sidux site in case where there are some problems with them: "You should always check Current Warnings on the sidux main web site, and check the warnings against the packages that your system wants to dist-upgrade." (from the sidux site)

Otherwise sidux is fast, yes, but have you tried Parsix? It's a Gnome (I know this is not KDE... ;-) ) distro very fast too, and you can safely use a Package Manager (Synaptic) without problem. It is based on Testing. : P Fast, very stable, very easy to maintain, user friendly etc... A very good distro! Maybe you can want to try it...

P.S= KDE 3.5 is quite good but I hate KDE 4!


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