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After 2.0 release, Miguel de Icaza reflects on Mono's past and future

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 09, 2008 08:03 PM
> Windows developers arent going to switch and that's what .net developers developers

Are you serious? Many Windows developers want to switch, they just don't find a comfortable environment. A problem that Mono is solving.
I run Linux. My customers run Windows. Until recently I used to develop exclusively on Windows. I've tried Glade, GTK Python, wxPython, I even considered PHP+GTK once, but I didn't switch until I found Mono.

For those Windows developers who where never interested interested in Linux, Mono makes porting to Linux easy and attractive.

> Miguel de Icaza: "When .Net came out in 2000, I had a little bit of envy," he says, "because it looked fantastic, and I felt left behind."

That's what I've felt too. I hate to admit it, but .NET is the best development platform I've ever used. It came from Microsoft, who would have thought. I still like it.

I don't get this idea that if you are open, you are good; if you are proprietary, you are bad; if you are open but proprietary-friendly you are the worst.
I think It's how the big companies (Novell, Sun) create open source apps. They are not taking away my right to use and create open source apps in the old fashion.


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