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After 2.0 release, Miguel de Icaza reflects on Mono's past and future

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 09, 2008 06:18 PM
Could not be more close to the truth:
"anything that can entice then tie up developers in the murky legal waters of using Windows-based technologies is a big plus for Microsoft."
Icaza on it's latest interview (
answering: Is Novell seeing a lot of commercial licensing around Mono at this point in time?
"That's right. But Novell does not allow me to talk about financial matters." (So it's a NOVELL interest divert developers to it's Microsoft side knowing that they're the only ones not to be sued by it's master)
answering if there's a trojan horse on mono
"I'm surprised people were able to figure out our evil plot."--Don't tell us he was kidding-It's Microsoft design to destroy in Courts what it deems its NUMBER ONE competitor: GNU/LINUX.
If Icaza is really: " am certainly against software patents." Why the hell to play with a minefield that it is Mono? It's only because NOVELL it's signed a "patent agreement" with the giant and the neighborhood bully is there to protect them.
Finally talking about Moonlight codecs he acknowledges licensing issues that whoever wants it has to go to MS site: "Everybody will be able to use them, but they need to be downloaded from Microsoft. This has to do with licensing issues too complex to go into here."--Those issues that he didn't want to talk about are the same ones that lurke upon any developer that wants to play with Mono"
Thanks to keeping people aware about how Microsoft is trying to destroy freedom: GNU/Linux


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