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Re: Sidux grows on you

Posted by: Dummy00001 on October 09, 2008 05:31 PM
> There still are some real problems with that distro that nobody wants to talk about, but whatever...

You betcha. Sidux is a gateway into raw repository of freshly compiled Debian packages. Yes - just compiled packages. No, nothing - except compilation and installation - was ever tested.

That's what makes it attractive to people who are too lazy to compile everything on their own in Gentoo.

But that's also doom to any environment where you have to do some work - unless of course you know how to fix problems quickly (e.g. force installing older working version of package).

For home I found Sidux to be very good. And frankly I wasn't expecting for it to be so stable. Years of experience of Debian developers shields users from the crappy packages, I think.


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