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Internal apps won't run mono

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 09, 2008 03:44 PM
Except that the internal apps won't run mono. It's not a full implementation and it's not compatible with the majority (of the few) .Net apps that are out there.

Further, De Icaza has not given any concrete statement on where Mono users stand in regards to M$ software patents.

Developers are going to stick with what is proven to work better, such as Java, Python, Perl, Php and Ruby, and ignore boondoggles like .Net and half-implementations of boondoggles like Mono.

Managers are going to either drink the M$ Koolaid and go for .Net (and out of business) or will steer as far as possible away from the patent minefield that is Mono. To top it off, Java is now open source.


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