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Re: Stop comparing Mono with Java -let's think about how to make Java integrate better with Linux

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 09, 2008 02:41 PM
"So why not leave Mono alone, take the best ideas of the CLR: cross language datatypes and the P/Invoke operation, and get them into Java, so we can use it to write tightly integrated Linux code. That would give us a way forward that is in OSS control, instead of trailing MS and trying to emulate the whole of Win32"

Icaza would never approve that, because it is not pro MS enough.
If Mono actually helped port code from .net projects it would be helpful, but it doesn't. The problem is that .net, very much like Optionally-Open-XML is... optionally open, you open your visual studio IDE and you instantly use windows.forms, which aren't even protected by the loussy protection from the "Microsoft promise not to sue", so in fact, then you keep using it, and you include sql server and some random active X control, or if it is a game the whole freaking directx. Then this app would obviously not run in Mono, this is the reason Mono is USELESS to make apps run in Linux, all the current .net apps that run in Mono are just those garbage apps that already have better alternatives in Linux, all the important things (Like my country's tax system) will never run in Mono.

Mono is there just to make people STOP developing stuff for Linux, Mono (.net) is attempting to replace Linux as a development platform, and those gnome apps Icaza gloated so much for in this article, all come from Novell or Mono devs, and they are simply attempting to move people away from Linux to Mono, then Novell can simply make up their own Kernel that is better powered for Mono apps and force people into their proprietary platform.


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