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Sidux grows on you

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 09, 2008 10:12 AM
Good to see sidux being recognised for the very good distro that it is. A lot of people are too quick to judge, not taking the time to see what lies beneath the surface.

I have found sidux to be:
Very easy to maintain

I have 16 meg B/band, and repo's can sustain max speed.

Straightforward installer picks up other OS's no prob, and mounts drives post-install - unlike a few others. Installs can be as quick as just under 5 minutes.

Post-install - I run smxi (root console login & init 3), then tweak - remove all unwanted modules, locales, etc, etc, etc. Add non-free inc nvidia.
smxi is menu-driven & intuitive. h2 is the wizard behind smxi - take a bow h2 :) Here is link to smxi:

sidux is not for everyone though (which is no bad thing, really), some will not be able to do without synaptic, for example. (Synaptic can be used to BROWSE, but is not reommended for actual package management in sid/sidux - Debian Unstable, that is.

Anyway, big thanks to the sidux team and h2.


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