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In search of bigger, stronger calculators

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 09, 2008 01:20 AM
The HP 50g in my personal opinion (as a Mechanical Engineer) is vastly superior and at the same price point as a TI-89 (a graphing calculator), one of the most useful features is the built in equation library, and it also defaults to Reverse Polish Notation (which makes everything way faster). another cool thing is it has an SD card slot, and can read text files from your SD card. My grandfather (who was instrumental in the development of the SAGE computer at MIT Lincoln Laboratory (IBM) from what I have recently learned) introduced it to me when I was young and since then I've always had a fondness for HP calculators, they're alot less like high school math helpers and more like an engineer's tool.

and if you're looking to do math on a computer, matlab can do everything you will ever do in college (undergrad wise), and is used by most mathematical researchers when it comes to large matrix calculations/Dynamic system analysis/what have you.


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