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In search of bigger, stronger calculators

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 08, 2008 08:39 PM
Heavy equipment:

(handheld) TI-nSpire CAS: the calculator I wanted in 1977 when I traded in my slide rule for a TI-30. Hardware is an ARM with about 256 meg of flash. Grandson of the TI-83 you used in high school, and never really learned to use well (It was basically numerical, and the graphics sucked). The CAS is a symbolic algebra kernel based on derive. About $150, retail, Windows (yuk) PC version $85.

(linux PC or laptop) SAGE: open source Mathematica. William Stein at Washington State University is project director. Originally combination of Maxima, Pari and GnuPlot, now something very much better. Every release works better, python based. Free, open source, but large beast to compile (do you have the Fortran extensions installed for gcc ? You do remember Fortran, don't you ?)


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