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Re: OpenGoo delivers the best of CRM and project management

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 07, 2008 12:57 AM
Is there something so terribly wrong with PHP/MySQL in the Enterprise? Gee, let me think....Build/download a virtual appliance, load PHP/MySQL on it, install OpenGoo. Either size the VM disk store for growth or nfs-mount another datastore for the DB warehousing....Probably up and running in a matter of an hour or two.


Spend $30,000 on Oracle DB hardware licenses, another $20K in hardware, and another $10K for part-time DBA support...After that, if you can still afford it, install some form of closed-source collaborative tools that ultimately will likely require licenses per user/per desktop to connect, plus OS Server license fees. Probably up and running 1-2 weeks later and $75K in debt.

I'm guessing you drink vendor kool-aid a LOT. I hear the Oracle kool-aid tastes like fine wine. It should, given the price tag. For me, I'd rather install a cheap but effective environment that is EASILY maintainable with snapshot capability and enjoy a dirty martini instead of vendor kool-aid.


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