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OpenGoo delivers the best of CRM and project management

Posted by: Conrado on October 03, 2008 02:43 PM

Thank you Mayank for such a nice article. We are honored to be featured in

To address some of the issues you and some of the readers have brought:

1. Yes, the name does sound gooie for the English audience. We realized this way down the road. We grew kind of fond of it now. The naming of Slimey was deliberate though. :-P
2. We used activeCollab 0.7.1 (HGPL) for its framework. It's author did a very good job at it. OpenGoo is 100% OpenSource.
3. The tab key is not the only usability issue, so it may take a few weeks, and might not even be complete by v1.0, but it will be fixed soon. Usability is top priority at OpenGoo.
4. After deploying several Java/JEE enterprise solutions, some .Net, some Delphi, some RoR... I am confident of the choice of PHP5 and MySQL with InnoDB. What are the 'serious' arguments against it?

Conrado ViƱa


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