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Android, Apple, and phone phreedom

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 02, 2008 11:06 PM
Regarding "are welcome to add that.", I'm not completely certain what you're expecting a business, let alone several, to say.

The options are: "third parties are welcome to add that" or "third parties are not welcome to add that".

Would you somehow prefer the latter?

Even big open source projects are rarely in position to state, definitively, the roadmap for upcoming releases. Businesses have even more problems in this area, particularly when they are dependent upon other firms. HTC can't say what Google will do, neither of them can say what T-Mobile will do, and none of those three can say what the other thirty-odd members of the Open Handset Alliance will do.

The other facet of "third parties are welcome to add that" is that Android is allowing competing software to be developed and distributed. Remember how the one iPhone mail app was rejected as being "too similar" to a built-in app? Android is open enough that there will even be multiple over-the-air markets (the core App Market, Handango, SlideME, to name three), let alone competing music players, mapping programs, and the like.


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