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Video tour: Bluefish editor

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 01, 2008 05:55 AM
I'm having a hard time leaving BBEdit behind. I'm determined to be all Linux all the time, but there are certain things that make BBEdit very appealing. So my question is, have I missed the following features somewhere in the docs or are any of these available as plugins?

1. Syntax checking.
2. A shortcut to convert all tags to lowercase. (all right, I'm lazy AND anal, if that's possible. I'm also conflicted, but I'm seeing a therapist for that.)
3. A shortcut to remove carriage returns
4. Find and replace across multiple files and in subdirs. I know Kfilereplace is available, but that feature is much more straight-forward in BBEdit. Kfilereplace seems to be a bit obtuse, but I must admit that I haven't diligently RTFM.

Once I get past this, I still need to replace Acrobat Pro (I need to edit PDFs and set PWs from time to time and am trying to learn PDFedit), find some workarounds with the GIMP so I can produce better GIFs that are as good as what I get from Fireworks, and get my stupid IP phone working (Ekiga or - forgive me - Skype).

BTW, I'm using Sidux (2.6.26-5.slh.6-sidux-amd64) and I've been in the forums a lot. I might have missed the one key thread to answer some of my questions, but it isn't like I didn't try.

...and I'm also an 'old guy' like Roblimo.

Thanks for any guidance in advance.


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