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Re(1): Natural progress

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 27, 2008 01:47 PM
<quote>Remember, that Vista is an entire OS, whereas KDE is ONLY the DE part.</quote>
<quote>Remember, that the kernel, libraries, GUI are part of the computers OS system, and not "applications". </quote>

You are totally wrong with your comment!

Linux is the OPERATING SYSTEM.... yes, the monolith kernel is the operating system.... Libraries, GUI, Applications are not part of Operating System unless you embedded them to OS itself. Monolith kernel is alone the Operating System. The Microkernel is not alone the Operating System.
Microkernel in kernel mode + OS services (Filesystem, Networkprotocols, Drivers) what runs on Protected threads on usermode, are together the Operating System. Monolith kernel runs alone in kernel space in supervisor mode and all OS services are tightly integrated to it, thats why it is "monolith kernel".

In short, Operating System is that part of software what runs in kernel mode or in supervisor mode. None of the applications, GUI's etc are part of Operating System unless they are bundled to it's services. In Windows 2000 (NT5) part of the Graphical GUI (Windowmanager) was part of Operating System because it was running in kernel space in one of OS services. On Windows NT6 (Vista) the Graphical subsystem was completly removed from OS services to own process so the Operating System did not anymore include the graphical subsystem.
On Windows 95, Microsoft bundled parts of Internet Explorer to OS. And that was reason why there was so damn many security holes because when you found one security hole in browser, you got straight to OS level to execute your code. On other Operating Systems like Linux or FreeBSD, there has never be a web browser part as OS. It has always be as normal application running outside of Operating System. Sandboxed. This way real UNIX and *nix OS's has protected itself, keeping the code clean and only the important code there. And thats why there has be long discussion should the Operating system be structured as monolith (monolith kernel) or spread structure (microkernel) what allows more protection for every OS service what makes OS and whole system more stable.

Read these to understand what is the Operating System. Then you will understand what Linux and GNU/Linux really is and what is Software System.

Do not spread the Microsoft/Ubuntu marketing that Operating System is everything what you see or get when you install Vista or Ubuntu. And do not spread political religion about GNU/Linux "Operating System" either.

The Linux OS just needs very little from computer to run, but all the applications needs more CPU, just like libraries etc needs more HD space...


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