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Track your missing laptop with Adeona

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 24, 2008 12:46 AM
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If thieves are that stupid, then how do they log into your Linux account to 'surf around'? I have some experience with these people and I can assure you that the ones that happen to steal unprotected, password free computers, then go online to upload photographs of themselves are very few and far between.

Yes such people do make the news, but so do the ones that wave at CCTV while robbing convenience stores, graffiti their own names at the crime scene, get stuck while climbing through windows or set fire to themselves while stealing petrol, all for obvious reasons: they're rare and quite fantastic. The headline invariably reads 'Town's dumbest criminal'.


I've just read the article again and had a look at Adeona's site. My comments are from the perspective of a Linux and Cygwin user. I see that Macintosh computers that have a built in webcam will take pictures, as long as the unattended computer is turned on in a well lit room while they’re taking it. That's quite a specific audience there.

As for tracking dynamic IP addresses, that's a valid point, but I've always managed by having the machine simply ping a static machine, send an email, or use some other simple method.



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