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Securing your network with PacketFence

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 23, 2008 09:01 PM
Hi Cory,

My name is Regis Balzard and I am one of the PacketFence developpers.

First of all, I'd like to thank you for your interest in PacketFence and for your great article.

I read it and I noticed you had a some complaints about PacketFence ZEN.
I've found 5 items:

1) "I encountered some issues during the initial configuration. The exact location of the directory in which the file resides is not stated in the PacketFence ZEN instructions"
You are right! I've updated the documentation in the wiki and added the full path.

2) "I had another issue with the configuration of the BIND files. The steps indicated on the site produced an "rndc: no key definition for name rndc.key" error and the startup of the bind service failed because of issues with the rndc.key that was being used by BIND."
Right! Here again, I updated the doc in order to explain how to generate the rndc key.

3) "I browsed the PacketFence documentation but did not find any mention of the default username and password for Web administration."
Right again! I've added instructions at the end of the doc to authenticate to the web admin interface.

4) "The first time you run PacketFence, you must configure it to automatically return violating devices and users to a more permissive VLAN once the violating program is closed so that there is no need for manual administration."
I need your help on this one because I don't follow you. Could you, please, give more details on what you'd like to have?

5) "The ZEN version is intended to ease deployment, but, while the number of complicated tasks has been reduced, it is still complicated to set up. Since that defeats the purpose of "zero effort" deployment, I hope the developers will address the issues previously mentioned."
we will! We are working on a script that will automatically do for you most of the config setup based on the answer the user will have to provide. Coming soon!

Thanks again for your comments.



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