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VirtualBox update brings improved performance and 64-bit support

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 22, 2008 10:19 PM
VirtualBox is great. I've been using it for some time and it really is easy to set up, fast and free (your choice of beer with more functionality or speech which sacrifices some functionality but no usability and is still a great product)

The article however contains two blatant misunderstandings about how virtual box and virtualization in general works.

- USB support: It is definitely not available in the free as speech version. The author could use a usb mouse because the mouse device is virtualized. That does not work with printers, scanners or pretty much anything but mouse and keyboard.

- Shared Folders: How could Virtual Box install shared folders by default if they are a feature of the uest system. Of course the necessary drivers must be installed in the guest system to use them.

Having said that it would be nice to have an easy way to mount virtual volumes created by virtual box when no virtual machine using them is running. But that's a completely different story.
And while I'm in wishlist mode: Is it still a hassle to set up a tunneling network card? A wizard/script to do this would be great.


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