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Boxee aims to shake up the home theater

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 15, 2008 01:26 PM
we aim to build a htpc soon as we get all the components in place, so i have been looking at different projects. i really like some of the ideas here... the vision is pretty good. but there is one thing that always worries me - call me paranoid, fine. but i never like to funnel my personal activity through a third party when i don't have to. no, i'm no porno freak, but i do watch some interesting documentaries from time to time. this centralization of potentially damaging information is what bothers me about things like myspace (rupert murdoch's news corp, e.g. faux news) and facebook (cia venture capital, darpa, and the office of information awareness (was: t.i.a. - total, or alternately, terrorist information awareness). the social sites bother me not only for the personal nature of the information but also the affiliation and association information that is readily gathered. i didn't care for one of those firefox extensions that made it easy to share links and local content with friends because you needed an account on their server and had to use their service as proxy for delivering content. sure, i like being able to socialize but there need to be more developments between social networking models and peer to peer technologies, especially decentralized systems and anonymizing systems. i am more interested in protocols that help us create darknets with our friends to share updates, novel links, personal emails that are private end to end chat and group chat that are also private/encrypted by default, etc. we are losing privacy in our lives and everywhere around us there are new cameras that mail you tickets or recognize your face, systems that look through your clothes, portable things cops my brother ran into ten years ago that let them look through walls into houses if they wanted to. like they're gonna police themselves. power corrupts everywhere and corruption flourishes wherever left un-checked. but i do believe people are good at heart, on the whole. and so man of us are just too damned trusting and don't understand just how exacting all of this technology can be at times. ibm's punch cards helped make the holocaust a logistic possibility. just imagine if the stazi had myspace at it's disposal. why bother with the hitler youth to snitch out your populace when every 11th grader on the planet is pouring his heart out on myspace about every personal sort of thing in his life and family and friends' lives. you get the idea.

like i said, i don't mean to be all paranoid. but i do mean to be aware of the power in our tools... like knives, they cut both ways. so it is only prudent to at least think about these possibilities so that - god forbid - just the wrong people manage to get into just the right positions of power to make an awful play to try and throw us back into the dark ages, well... let's at least try to make it a little harder for them than handing it over on a silver platter.

having said all that, i love some of the ideas. and i am willing to put myself out there to some degree to take part in the social scene on-line. but let's keep open eyes. hopefully the people making this will find themselves with a good business model, but i hope it does not pin on that user id, selling demographics or other data collectible through it without a good privacy policy (and infrastructure) and, most important, willingness granted by their user community to participate. perhaps an opt-out? personally i think they can make their money by making custom add-ons for companies (they have the value-add of being the inventors of the platform to get the for-hire work before some other goon), and extending the app to interface to different content providers of varying types. hopefully they won't find a way to stick ads in there. ads are so obnoxious, and i think every one of us would be glad to be rid of them everywhere. when i want or need something, i go looking damnit. i'll find you or hear about you from others if you're any good. offer better products and services if you want to make a buck. earn it some other way than by annoying my money out of my pocket.

i don't have ready links, i have been up all night and am ready for sleep.. look up 'does what happens in facebook stay in the facebook' or something close, there is a good video and a website, and google up rupert murdoch and myspace together. hell, google ol' rupert alone. also, perhaps, you might be interested in finding and watching 'outfoxed', a documentary about the fox news network and how corporate interests (monsanto) had ties into the faux news power structure to kill a story from a florida news team at a fox station talking about bovine growth hormone in the milk our kids drink. or how the political news was (is) policed and the whole concept of journalism has been undermined and perverted in that hack mindwashing apparatus posing as a news outlet.

such a shame. but we are social creatures, and social networking promotes cultural sharing and the sharing of ideas between people. that, i am all for.

peace n light


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