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Three typing tutors and a boy

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 13, 2008 04:54 PM
the proprietary software programme "Mavis Beacon" which has been around forever sort of the "Microsoft" of typing tutors. The lack of a fairly full featured typing tutor programme that adults would be comfortable using is an impediment to Linux adoption where I work. Not sure whether or not Mavis Beacon can be run under "Wine". You will be able to rate each game that you Play games . We hope to provide top games only and hope that you will also give us some good games as you can submit a game of your choice and a game that you like TuxTyping's other game, Fish Cascade, has Tux chomping up fish before they fall to the ground whenever the player types the letters correctly. Fish Cascade's levels are much less creative -- Easy, Medium, and Hard -- and the types of exercises are the same as in Comet Zap: Alphabet; Finger Exercises; Long, Medium, and Short Words; and Plants.


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