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Capture gaming videos with GLC

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 09, 2008 01:22 PM
a two-minute video takes up about 450MB. One option to reduce the size of the capture is to use the --no-sound option to record videos without audio. You can also control the size of a video stream by using the --fps option to increase or decrease the frame capture rate. By default GLC captures videos at 30fps, but you can specify a lower or higher number. Like any true gaming fan, I like to share my gaming moments of glory -- that multifrag shot, and that super smooth drift around the S-bend. But most free and open source games don't record gameplay videos.The new way to play game, online free games . By default, GLC records and saves video streams under the name of its current process ID, such as pid-6338.glc. If you invoke the record hot key multiple times during gameplay, GLC will append the captured video to the same stream. If you don't like GLC's default capture stream naming scheme, you can specify your own file name by invoking glc-capture with the


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