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Three typing tutors and a boy

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 09, 2008 06:18 AM
I work in an adult education centre with Windows boxes and up until now the only free software typing tutor I've been aware of is "Tux Typing" and it's way too juvenile to use. I will check out Klavaro so thanks for the tip.

What is used is the proprietary software programme "Mavis Beacon" which has been around forever...sort of the "Microsoft" of typing tutors. The lack of a fairly full featured typing tutor programme that adults would be comfortable using is an impediment to Linux adoption where I work. Not sure whether or not Mavis Beacon can be run under "Wine".

Cost is not really that much of an issue because you can often find copies of Mavis Beacon that are a version or two old at very low cost in the software "bargain bins" at large retailers. I recently found copies for as little as C$4.00 so that I could do an "upgrade" from an older version.

Have to be able to make the argument based on software freedom...and admittedly the one irritating thing that new computer users have with Mavis Beacon is the "sign on" menu. But once the user gets beyond that it's fairly smooth sailing.


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