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Re(2): Natural progress

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 04, 2008 04:11 AM
I know no one is forcing me to use it. Personally, like many others, I would prefer KDE 3.5 and its a shame it will be obsoleted soon. However, I'm putting forward my arguments on behalf of many others who I have introduced to Linux, who wanted to use it because of what it does (licensing issues are rarely problematic for most users).

My PC is 700MHz, 1/2 gig of ram. A DE shouldn't be slow, not even at half that speed. Gnome 1.4 isn't and its got most features that KDE 4.1 has. But thats another issue.

My argument is based on my opinion that Linux needs to carve out its own niche, and provide it's own pardigm. Apple provides utterly seamless interaction between programs, it's really impressive. Windows does this OK. You cant have your cake and eat it too. The Linux community needs to decide between a techie OS where the user remains in tight control of the entire computing environment they create for themselves, or another MacOSX/Windows, which is more an appliance, abstracted approach. IF you make Linux appear the latter, even though it can still be a techie, you lose out because you draw the wrong userbase and you'll have to further and further 'dumb down' the OS to accomodate these people. OR, you can keep Linux as a proper computing OS, powerful, slim, adaptable and lean and lose out the 'mom and pop' Windows users who think a transparent dialog box = bettter system, but retain the appeal to those who really do want to move away form MS, for the right reasons.

I believe my criticism is constructive because from my experience, it seems that develops, while good at their craft, often overlook what they are writing software FOR. KDE 4 was really a stark reminder of the overall lack of focus. If this was Window Maker, or some other minor project, it would have been no issue. But KDE, whether it likes it or not, represents to a large degree, ALL that Linux encompasses, even though technically its not true.


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