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Does it compare/contrast Windows?

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 04, 2008 02:05 AM
This is not to say does it antagonize Windows; rather have a decent guide such as "if did X on windows you would do it this way in Ubuntu..". I am currently in the spot of doing this for a friend and his student. He is a technophobe; she is autistic. Even though my web page is crappy and I am too busy to fix it right now, you can see what I am doing and what I am up against (training-wise) here [ ]. Amazingly 3 weeks into this they are still on Linux. I have gotten mostly positive emails from them so far although the tech support mails are tip-of-the-iceberg questions (After me saying it in every mail and in every training video I did for them I reminded them this was not Windows and Windows software will not work anymore than Linux software will work on Windows I get "I tried to load <proprietary app X> and it wouldn't go on, what do I do?: type things) that only generate more questions.

All of this is to say I could use a different approach. I got my Windows-only but not stupid sister converted over after getting XP owned for the nth time (come to think of it, that was these guys motivation for trying Linux too; in the end Microsoft and their crappy software could be the best thing that could happen for us) but she understood at least some fundamental things. This is a whole-new game here.



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