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Re(1): Wish list: 10 improvements for KDE 4.2

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 04, 2008 01:44 AM
First of all: My apologies for being totally off topic - wishlists are about dreams - not rants.

Could you please elaborate EXACTLY how KDE 4.x is following the path of Microsoft??
It can't be resource consumption - KDE 4.x uses less resources than KDE 3.5.x whereas Microsoft is getting more demanding on resources.
It can't be GUI logic - KDE 4.x is way more dynamic, flexible and logical than any MS GUI
It can't be Workflow - KDE 4.x has a far better foundation for that

What's wrong with good looks? They have reduced resource consumption simultanously! Further decrease will come with the next version of QT.
Which missing features are left for dead - and not work in progress for later arrival? (And please don't confuse KDE 4.x with 3rd party KDE apps such as Koffice and Amarok.)

Sorry, but if you believe that KDE 4.1 is without substance and with make-up splattered to camouflage an empty shell I'm afraid you've missed the point. Totally.

KDE 4.x will provide a major increase of the Linux userbase - you claim that's your objective so what's the hazzle? KDE 4.x is not a Linux exclusive DE. It's for virtually any *nix system and will include OSX and Windows. What exactly is the purpose of the final product? (Assuming that the final product is a piece of hardware with some software installed that actually works and is used for something.) You have to bear in mind that not everyone uses their machines the way you do. Neither do they use it the way I prefer. Usability is important to a huge number of existing and potential users. What I do not understand is: If it does not cater for your needs - why do you use it or why do you want to use it?


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