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Re: Natural progress

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 02, 2008 11:57 PM
With XP and the awful Vista, you can change to a classic windows style GUI very, very easily. Vista's high requirements are due to the entire OS (which as we know, Linux is far leaner), not just the destop environment. Remember, that Vista is an entire OS, whereas KDE is ONLY the DE part. So 1GHz to run it is not acceptable because the OS itself doesn't have such high demands. All that 1GHz is KDE whereas for Vista, is an aggregate of slow OS components. And I think those who say "computers are fast enough anyway" are the worst type of developers. People buy faster computers so they can run their programs faster, and not have those resources THEY (not the OOS & MS developers) paid for eaten up by a bloated OS and GUI's. Remember, that the kernel, libraries, GUI are part of the computers OS system, and not "applications". Therefore, for a computer to have to run at 1GHz, just to operate, is a bit like a car that eats litres of fuel, just to idle the engine. It is MS's scam in thinking that people should have to upgrade their computers for the sake of the OS and not for the software they plan to run on it. It's disappointing to see this cancerous idea in the Linux world. "Progress" like this negates the advantages of moving away from MS Windows.


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