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Natural progress

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 02, 2008 09:17 PM
For any desktop environment and any OS there will allways be wishlists! KDE 4.1 runs well on my installations but implementation varies with the distros. If your distro is not up to it yet, don't blame KDE. The comparisations to Vista still makes no sense to me. KDE 4.1 is far more useable than Vista ever will be. And KDE has been improved with lower usage of resources - not with higher demand like Vista. I've used KDE 4.1 on 700mhz celeron with 256mb ram and 4mb GPU - not fast - but It works (KDE says 1ghz and 512 mb Ram) - which IS sufficient! Reading KDE blogs is truly enyoyable: Enthusiasm and progress on a daily basis. Koffice and Amarok 2.0 are indeed promising and the Kontactsuite is great (as soon as settings become 100% persistent).

When it comes to GUI appearance and functionality KDE 4.1 is the first desktop environment I've uset that doesn't really need total transformation. All Gnomedistros I've used needed the full works to be decent. Same goes with KDE 3.5.x and XP/Vista and to a certain extent OSX. Linux finally has it's own graphical expression that is competitive. No need for OSX/Vista lookalikes anymore.

Still moaning about KDE Alpha/Beta/4.0/4.1? Get over it! Or even better: Get over yourself!


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