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Re: Wish list: 10 improvements for KDE 4.2

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 02, 2008 08:38 AM
I have to disagree... The problem is precisely that they have abandoned the FOSS way:

They didn't release soon you know? YES, IT WAS HALF BAKED but they were SO late that they could not possibly delay the release for the hundred time in a row, it would be way to much Windowish like for their audience.

The problem is they thought it was a good idea to rewrite everything from scratch based on the Qt4 migration. Do you realize what will happen to Linux if Linus and the kernel developers decided that sort of thing? Linux would probably disappear in a few years.

I am also a developer, I understand there is a real temptation to rewrite your stuff now that you are "cleverer that when you wrote that piece of code", but time tells you its a BAD idea most of the time (unless the task is short and straightforward or your software was really a bad crap that really does not payoff to maintain) because...
- It takes too much time.
- Sometimes you realize you were not as cleverer as you thought.
- And many times you miss real features that you should have taken into account while 'wasting' your developer time.

Gnome could also improve in many ways, but there's one thing they got right, stable release cycles that had allowed them to move away from CORBA and being the first to reach DBus (before KDE) without a major rewrite, for example. Yes, the Kioslaves of the kde 3.x series kicked Nautilus' ass hands down every time, but now KDE comes with this dolphin in their "want to be like (crapy) Vista" new attitude. Konqueror used to be my filebrowser, NOT my web client (for which I use firefox), dolphin is just a bad copy of Nautilus and/or windows folder views bad ideas.

The same goes for the Linux kernel, evolutionary design allows them to switch the kernel scheduler, memory management in the 2.6 series with users noticing just improvements instead major havoc and delays...


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