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Re(1): Wish list: 10 improvements for KDE 4.2

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 02, 2008 08:05 AM
Sorry but I must agree with 1) with the comment previous to yours...

Compiz works GREAT on NVidia hardware, ah how come? well they detect if they are working on Intel, ATI, NVidia etc and probably tweak some behaviour after that. It took some time, compiz and beryl used to be buggy, but now they are quit stable. And before you start with the excuses:
- Yes NVidia should publish Open Source drivers, BUT that is no excuse to make things work with their current proprietary drivers which have been the best available for Linux 3D for a while.
- And have you noticed that Intel's drives, even being open sourced, have still problems? (some cards can't have textures big enough for the desktop cube or some other effects, etc) so again the Open Source complaint, although legitimate, is no excuse for poor driver usage.
- And again, why the Open Source project named Compiz can do it and KDE's KWin cannot? Shouldn't they build on Compiz (ah! no! its too GNOMish for the KDE guys, isn't it?)

I was a KDE user up to KDE 3.5.8 or 9, but I got tired of lagging behind GNOME because KDE 4 was the developers main focus and 3.5 was being a little abandoned; Compiz not very well integrated, k3b started to burn my CDs badly (usually had to do 2 to get one good), firefox 3 had some problems within Kubuntu look and feels, etc. Still Konqueror is way better than Nautilus and Konsole is more flexible than Terminal, but I still can use them from Ubuntu (yes, without the K)..

Dolphin you say? why do I need to have 2 canvas at each side of the files (which are the real important thing) taking space for DOING NOTHING, don't you know the eee revolution means you do not always have screen space to spare?

If Qt 4 was going to give a 25% performance boost, why does KDE 4 (yes even 4.1) feel like you are running Vista?

Will we have to wait for KDE 4.5 to start thinking of a switch back to KDE?

The Gnome guys will probably thank the KDE team for KDE4... but the users won't because the Gnome-KDE competition kept the GUIs improving while if KDE lags behind or takes the Vista-like route the Gnome guys will probably start get too relaxed and the GUIs will stop evolving at the same rate they were a few years ago... so MACOSX and Windows future improvements will be more difficult to reach or surpass.


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