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Wish list: 10 improvements for KDE 4.2

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 01, 2008 05:56 AM
A fair share of your wishes is already addressed.

1. More Plasmoids, a RSS news reader, KDE-Plasma-NetworkManager. You can have all of them, now. They are alpha, but you can actually have them, at least, if you are using Fedora. Fire up a terminal and type this:

# rpm -ivh
# yum install kde-plasma-rssnow kde-plasma-networkmanager

There are more plasmoids you can try. Try them all! They are the best of, compiled, for you... if you are a Fedora user, at least.

2. Unredirection of fullscreen windows. This is already fixed, along with a bug that made KWin use 20% of your dual core CPU if you had VSync enabled. I don't know if the fixes will be scheduled for KDE 4.2... or if they would hit KDE 4.1.1 first (and be with us earlier than expected).

3. Kickoff-various-complaints. Kick Kickoff off your panel and, with the repo above installed in your Fedora system, do this:

# yum install kde-plasma-lancelot

It will work better for you.

4. Grid, panel autohiding. They are all coming for 4.2


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