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Re: Wish list: 10 improvements for KDE 4.2

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 01, 2008 05:21 AM
KDE should not be trying to compete with Vista, but hold itself at arms length. Most people who will want the "Vista Experience" will use Windows, rather than Linux, as windows is the 'real deal'. Why make the OS look like another without the same capabilities? In other words, why would someone use an OS which is becoming more and more like Windows (and not be able to run this and that) instead of just running windows and be able run counter strike, etc?

KDE 3.x and GNOME 1.x were desktops which provided an easy to use environment without the trappings of Windows. It is the fact that Linux GUI's follow a different paradigm, which make them attractive and make Linux attractive. Being small, practical, powerful and out of the way, leaving more resources for YOUR stuff. A DE that doesn't harange the user or appear to 'needy'. Being able to get away from an ever shifting DE and ever increasing requirements and use software which is focused on the task it exists to solve, rather than use software which was written to be marketable.

KDE 4 is nice to play with, but to work with it offers nothing new. In fact, probably less than previous DEs.

By the way, I would really like to have seen a 'Kuake' style dropdown console. There are quake like dropdown console addons for KDE, where you press a hotkey combination and get a bash prompt drop down. Also, greater control over windows (AfterStep has maximize 80%, maximise 100%, Quit, Kill, etc). Old version of Gnome, or was it sawfish has "Destroy" to forcible kill an app that was misbehaving. Thats not in KDE ( Little things like this set Linux apart from windows) or even GNOME anymore. KDE does have the CTRL-ALT-ESC : destroy mechanism. Most of all, better intergration with existing Unix apps. Being able to use 'talk' to chat to other uses. KDE 3 did this, but room for improvement. Being able to shedule a job using "at" just by clicking on the calendar or clock or check the start menu for defunct entries or be easily able to script your own basic dialog boxes to do simple tasks.


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