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Re: Wish list: 10 improvements for KDE 4.2

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 01, 2008 12:02 AM
I agree. Linux is destined to be stuck as a tinker toy for developers unless developers stop jerking themselves off as to how they can make ever more desktop features transparent, wobble or whatever other 'eye candy' can they waste the users computing resources on. Linux is good as a server because you don't need to deal with this nonsense. XFCE will be my desktop of choice when I ever upgrade from RH 7.3. Simple, functional, clean, efficient. It does what it's supposed to do without hoopla, or trying to impress me or prove something. I run a Desktop Environment to manage the other programs I WANT to run, not to just sit and marvel at the 'experience'. OH, there's another OS where you're supposed to sit and marvel at it before you even begin the tasks you turned the computer on in the first place for. I think that's an MS one. You know, the one where they think users don't use their computers to run apps, but just "experience" the OS to pass time. They also have the same idea of forcing users to want what THEY want the users to want. I.e., we know whats good for you, so even though your comfortable with this paradigm, WE shall decide what you should want. I thought Linux was different, which is why I originally switched.

Here's a hint. People log into or turn their computers on either to play games, surf the net, write e-mails, calculate stuff, do some kind of task or something. The Desktop Environment is merely incidental to that.

I, like nearly all other computer users don't run my PC for the express purposes of running KDE or developing KDE desktop plasmoids. I run KDE (at the moment 3.1 on my machine) as a means of launching other programs and switching between them. The DE is merely incidental, it definately should NOT be slowing my games down, as this article hinted at.

But if you tell developers what users need, they don't like it. If we did what was actually best for the users, what would actually bring them from MS rubbish, developers wouldn't be able to show of their leet effects like wobbling windows (WTF?) to users who really don't care after them after 40 minutes anyway.

Thankfully projects like IceWM, fluxbox, FVWM and XFCE exist. If I was a windows user now considering Linux, I'd be far less likely to switch, as it seems many of MS's faults have trasnferred over to the GNU/Linux world.

I'd like to see Linux succeed, but developers for apps, and especially apps like KDE which most users will think IS Linux, need to be mindful of the users requirements of their COMPUTER and not just the DE.

It seems people forget, that 99% of people interact with the DE ONLY to start programs, and switch between them. They are not intrested in managing icons or plasmoids, and nor should they be. They didn't turn their PC on to do that. They turned it on to start Doom 3 or Firefox or OOCalc (or Excel) or publishing software. The DE should do what any good software should do, and understand it's place.


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