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Wish list: 10 improvements for KDE 4.2

Posted by: carolinason on August 31, 2008 07:20 PM
I was a long time GNOME user, but it started to consume to much CPU. I switched to XFce and it is a very useful desktop and resource conservative as long as you don't load GNOME apps or Firefox. But XFce is GTK. However, I thought it loaded KDE apps quickly. I do a lot of MP3 editing with Kid3 and Amarok is my mp3 db player of choice. KDE 4 doesn't have these as native apps yet.

KDE 4.1 is a step forward in desktop for me, but I can't find a stable distro for it. I now use KDE 3.5.9 and will probably use this series until KDE 4 catches up. Funny how things work out. KDE is better at resources than GNOME and has more to offer than XFce. Yes, KDE 4 needs more functionality, but it is a BEAUTIFUL desktop and I would like to run it. I do use Okular and Ktorrent which are KDE 4 apps.


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