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Wish list: 10 improvements for KDE 4.2

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 31, 2008 04:32 PM
"Kickoff. Right now it autoswitchs tab once you keep the mouse over a new one for certain time. Why? I think forcing the user to click on it is not a problem, it's a good idea. Why do I have to "be careful" about the place where I keep the mouse pointer? Suddenly the tab changes, and I was not expecting this. Why??"
go into the kickoff preferences and change it. It's realy easy.

"Multidesktop system. Here we are with a feature that has not bee..."
This is present since kde 4.0, it's called activity or something. There is that strange symbol on the desktop. You can zoom out with it, add a new activity and zoom into that. There you have individual plasmoids for each workspace

"- Window management. I don't want to start a fight between kwin and compiz visual effects here, but some simple actions look veeeery poor in 4.1. Simply think about how the alt-tab window looks like."
there are somthing like 4-5 different ALT-TAB effects from which you can chose from. Take the one you like(you can simply select another, right there where you choose the different Effects in the kwin preferences). If there is none that you like, make a wishlist item on Probably mockup of the effect will be the best way to go.

"Also, it would be really nice if the developers could introduce an option for interacting with the desktop as a folder (the whole thing) with icons."
This is present in svn and will be in 4.2


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