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Wish list: 10 improvements for KDE 4.2

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 31, 2008 03:04 PM
For me there are certain apps that don't go in the right direction with their concept of usability:
- Konsole. Maybe a copy-mode split view is good for some concrete situations, but allowing both views to be independent makes more sense for me. There's a simple example of a good splitting system, allowing to have multiple tabs in each view, and switching from horizontal to vertical split, for example. It's called notepad++.
- Akregator. I started this wish and for me it's a very good idea. It should be already working, but it's not. Why?
- Dolphin. Comparing the places system to the left folder filtering at konqueror it may look similar, but there's no link between current/closer place and the treeview. I can't believe that. This is one of the most impressive features in konqueror by far. You can focus on the subset of folders that you want, and you don't need to have visible a big-like-hell tree for the whole filesystem. Why this is not possible with dolphin??
And on the other side, why there's only a single split mode? What about allowing users to split each view as many times as (s)he wants? A very common situation is having the user organizing its files, and having more than 2 views is a good help many times. In the end we must remember what dolphin is: a file manager, so it would be nice for the user to manage files easier.
- Plasma. More types of panel would be interesting. Depending on your desktop layout sometimes you won't have enough with common side panels, so having other different types allowing you to add apps icons/launchers wherever in the middle of the desktop sounds great. The default desktop-panel-widget also has a very poor set of config options (no hiding, no transparency..).
A plasma manager allowing the user to load/save configs also looks great. You may want to switch from work mode to tv mode, for example, and this may simplify this task a lot.
And this is also related to a feature a posted previously: a visual map of plasmoids. If I want to modify a config I need to know which elements are in, and exactly where. Having a visual and simplified way to show plasmoids (only like plain boxes, using different colors for each one, for example) may deal with this. Of course right there you could add/remove/move/config plasmoids.
- Kickoff. Right now it autoswitchs tab once you keep the mouse over a new one for certain time. Why? I think forcing the user to click on it is not a problem, it's a good idea. Why do I have to "be careful" about the place where I keep the mouse pointer? Suddenly the tab changes, and I was not expecting this. Why??
- Amarok. Well.. everyone keeps waiting for v2 :)
- Multidesktop system. Here we are with a feature that has not been updated for some time, at least its concept. You may be able to use different background images for your virtual desktops (it seems a missing feature in 4.1), but in the end you only have a set of copies of your desktop. Why should I have the same set of panels or plasmoid config in every desktop? I could have a panel with certain development tools available in desktop 1, assuming it is my work desktop. For #2 we can think about the watch-tv desktop, so probably i will have a black background, and almost no more panels (I want to see the film and no more.. maybe we could keep there a desktop switcher), and so on. Imho this is and impressive advance for the multidesktop system (this should need more memory, i know.. but what about the usability benefits? In the end the user should be the one who should decide to use it or not, depending on his/hers needs and the amount of available memory).
- Window management. I don't want to start a fight between kwin and compiz visual effects here, but some simple actions look veeeery poor in 4.1. Simply think about how the alt-tab window looks like.



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