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Wish list: 10 improvements for KDE 4.2

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 31, 2008 05:09 AM
The article has all good points. Can't help but mention though that one thing that really irks me about GNOME is how you have to either download themes, or hack config files just to configure the colour settings. What GNOME (and KDE4 too for that matter!) needs is a colour configuration dialog like KDE 3.5 has, where you get a representation of a desktop with a window on it where you click on the part of the representation you want to change the colour of, and then you select the colour you want that bit to be. Not this pull down menu of element names and no preview of your choices without hitting apply. KDE4 isn't nearly as terrible as GNOME in this regard, but it's a whole lot worse than KDE3.

Keyboard shortcuts!!! Cannot stress enough how aggravating shortcuts that just plain don't work are.

POLISH!! KDE 4.1 is still utterly rough around the edges. Panel (system tray moreso) icons are almost universally hideous, practically every one has a seriously ugly background surrounding it, they do not blend into the panel at all. You can shrink the panels smaller than KDE will render the icons on it. Polish the damn thing already.

If I select Shutdown, or Logout, or Reboot off of the Kmenu, don't ask me again if I want to Shutdown Reboot or Logoff in some retarded extra dialog.

Feature completeness (or lack thereof) is a major reason I'm still using KDE3. I want to be using KDE4 but it's still just too rough and beta quality for me.

If I'm harsh it's out of love.


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