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Wish list: 10 improvements for KDE 4.2

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 30, 2008 10:52 PM
Keyboard shortcuts....keyboard shortcuts....

How in the world can a window/desktop manager exist in 2008 without keyboard shortcuts? How is it possible that we've gotten to 4.1 without them?

Let's face it: the KDE 4.XX project is the work of arrogant and myopic developers who are so full of themselves that they've forgotten about usability.

And try now to respond with the standard stuff about it being free and them not being paid. If all volunteer and service people took the attitude that they were somehow better than the rest of us because they do things for nothing, there'd be no such thing as volunteerism and service.

Plasmoids? So what. All the eye candy in the world cannot compensate for lack of function and usability.

The XFCE desktop that I switched to after having used KDE from 3.0 through 3.5.9 is more functional in a thousand ways than KDE 4.1.

I'm looking forward, though, to KDE 5.0. I assume that it will hold the promise of teleporting users to the moon....of wait...not 5.0...that will be will be real in, 5.3...


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