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Re: Nepomuk and KDE to introduce the semantic desktop

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 27, 2008 02:53 PM
(here again the colleage of Ansgar Bernardi who kept forgetting names)

The NEPOMUK project has an integrated Java prototype which is well integrated and very active, as you can easily spot on this very very active changelog:

Indeed, there is commits at 02:00 am, a good sign of productivity. The gnowsis (not gnowsys!) project is dormant because we at DFKI decided to work on one mutual project, which is NEPOMUK, so we have moved progress to NEPOMUK. As you find on the homepage, we moved development to nepomuk.

The reason for paralleling in Java and KDE is, that scientists are bad coders.
If we use Java, we at least don't have to care for platforms or memory issues, and most scientists know how to code Java. The features of the Java platform should be ported to KDE bit by bit, and if you follow the KDE-nepomuk mailinglist, you will notice some discussion on that. The interfaces are also quite good already, they can be ported to DBUS.

The challenge now is to straightforward copy as much existing work as possible to KDE, this is not limited to NEPOMUK-java but also includes our relevant neighbours, such as chandler by the osafoundation,,, etc. There are others out there..... we listed them on



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