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Re: Getting Mono and MySQL to play together politely

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 26, 2008 05:47 AM
Your definition of "open source" could use an update. There are many licenses besides the restrictive GPL that are considered open source such as Apache or BSD. If you can get the source code for free, the code is generally considered "open". Really good attempt at proving your point though!

Oh and as for the trail of destruction that you mentioned, have you ever considered how much money the GPL has cost us? Sure, it's great for the users because they can get free software, but did anyone ever think of how much damage it has caused to businesses large and small? Maybe you think that all software should be open source, is that it?

There's nothing more destructive than thinking that the rest of the world should have the same opinion as you.

Your posts are filled with nothing more than name calling, half truths and straw. At this point I can obviously see that you're either a rabid anti-Microsoft troll or you're just trolling for fun. Either way, your opinion is worthless.

Try harder, mmkay?


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