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Getting Mono and MySQL to play together politely

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 26, 2008 03:16 AM
Quote: "Actually, Microsoft has open sourced the .Net CLR in the form of a project called Rotor."

Very interesting - is the code released under the GPL?

I re-iterate my point that Microsoft is a criminal organisation led by criminals. They have been involved in amoral and illegal activity since the very beginning, and that trend is only becoming more pronounced now they are fighting for their survival. Microsoft is a corporate sociopath, and the only way to deal with it is to destroy it. If you don't believe me, go and do some research.

Microsoft have not "open sourced" anything, despite what they may claim - they are pathological liars. They taint everything they touch, and have left a trail of destruction in their wake. Whatever they are saying they have done is either simply for show, or a ploy to suck in the gullible (who seem, sadly, to be quite numerous).

NO Microsoft code should be within cooee of Linux. The phrase "might be a patent issue" when talking of MS code is laughable. To Microsoft, a patent is a loaded gun, just awaiting the right time to be cocked or waved about in a threatening manner. Make no mistake, there is no place for compromise with Microsoft, and certainly no place for Microsoft apologists within the Open Source movement.

Also, the ECMA is in Microsoft's pocket, and has even less credibility than the ISO.


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