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Re: Sun's OMS Video codec project is a means to an end

Posted by: Nathan Willis on August 25, 2008 04:01 PM
Sun should focus on that.

They are. Why did it sound like they weren't?

On a related note, I'd like to take a shot at the term "outperformed" -- it is broad and vague, and stating that one codec "outperforms" another codec omits multiple levels of important details that ought to be mandatory in any head-to-head comparison: size and framerate of source material, bitrate, processing power required to encode and processing power to decode, to name a few. "Outperform" without examining technical details is almost entirely subjective. H.264 certainly doesn't outperform H.261 on a PII -- H.264 may be capable of handling HD far better under appropriate conditions, but it demands far more horsepower to even run.

Please note that I'm not mentioning this in response to your comment directly; just introducing it as a new topic triggered by use of the term. I'm not suggesting you were sweeping detail under the rug by any means.



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