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Re(2): Scalix is not true open source

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 22, 2008 01:27 PM
Unacceptable to you, you mean.

Firstly it needs to be pointed out that Scalix will never be totally Open Source, because the underlying technology is licensed from HP. Everything Scalix are allowed to open source has been and is available to download.

Secondly the free (No Cost) version has everything you need to run a mail server - which will scale very highly, which has a great Web Client and which works with all IMAP POP3 and CalDAV Clients. If you do need Outlook for more than 10 people you can spend some money on premium users but you still don't need to upgrade the server to Enterprise edition. If you want you can also plug in ClamAV and Spam Assassin for filtering. It's suitable for almost all SMBs

It's only the largest companies that need the high end features in the Enterprise edition - so why shouldn't Scalix ask those organisations to pay for those features? That pays for the developers and keeps the Community edition free for the rest of us.


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