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Re(2): Scalix is not true open source

Posted by: Fletch on August 22, 2008 11:43 AM
I disagree. If they have source code for the product, this is saying they believe in open source (providing it can be used to provide the product that isn't overly stripped down and it does indeed work). However, the commercial version allows the authors to offer a version that if you are willing to pay and help support them gives you more features. It seems the trend now, however, is to give the software out and sell support, but if the company isn't large enough to have a lot of support resources, perhaps this is the only way they can possibly be re-reimbursed? Then again, if they can't provide support, I would think large companies wouldn't want this in their company anyway. I guess the thing I'm concerned with is people wanting a free hand out as opposed to taking what people are actually offering, and based on the way this is worded, it doesn't appear that this statement is looking at it from the aspect of where the true benefits of open source seems that someone wants a person's work for free.


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