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Gentoo 2008.0: Return to greatness?

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 21, 2008 11:40 PM
"Since I wanted to test the installer as a new user might, I began emerging important components without touching any configuration files. A basic /etc/make.conf file was in place, containing very conservative CFLAGS (compiler environment settings) and no USE flags. I emerged GNOME, the GIMP, and 300 other packages, finishing with only that same cURL error. For someone with experience or desire, this error isn't a showstopper, but for a newcomer it might be.

This install worked fairly well, but some USE flags would have made the applications more enjoyable. Also, it seemed to take longer compiling applications on this much faster machine when using the generic CFLAGS as set up by the live CD when compared to my everyday system that was optimized for the architecture."

A new user would check the Handbook and discover that USE flags, a make.conf file -and- compiling errors are all part of Gentoo. What's the point in using Gentoo when you don't tweak your make.conf file? Honestly, you are not describing Gentoo users in the making, but rather fools who won't stick with Gentoo even if they got a working system without all of the aforementioned.


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