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NimbleX 2008 is speedy but flawed

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 19, 2008 09:24 AM
I installed NimbleX on 3 or my computers. The installer worked GREAT for me, and I don't understand why you say it's broken. On the laptop it worked great (with GRUB), on the tablet I used the installer that appears at bootloder and it kept my Win untouched and installed NimbleX in about 3 minutes and on the desktop I use a flash drive that's starting to be a permanent thing.

I can say hardware detection is excellent and almost everything worked out of the box, except the tablet touchscreen that I had to configure manually.

I haven't ever seen such a great speed and that many things in just 200MB. It's not even close to other distributions.

I think this is an AWSOME distro and it's amazing that this is only a one man project that apparently got 20$ worth of donations in 2 weeks. I wonder what would happen if Bogdan would work as a project manager for one of the BIG boys or if he had some contributors to lead in developing NimbleX :D !!!


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